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Two times a year, at the beginning and end of the tourist season, we always gather for an eco-cleaning action of the seabed and beaches of Maslinica.


This year was an excellent opportunity to THANK our long-term partners - Trogir Diving Center who, together with the help from the locals, PŠRD Maslinica, Komunalno Basilija and our marina staff, diligently cleaned the seabed of our marina and whole Maslinica Bay.

This year, they were reinforced with two divers from Germany who accepted the invitation to come for this eco action.

Fifteen divers altogether gathered on this action and cleaned our beautiful home.

Afterwards, they took the opportunity to stress the importance of warning the guests & being aware of the plastic pollution in the Adriatic, which is growing yearly.




The waste thrown into the sea has become a major problem for the Adriatic, an almost closed sea that concentrates on its coasts a very high population density. Not only is this waste a direct threat to marine species (death by ingestion or entanglement, contamination), but it is also a very serious threat to human health. 

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