Martini Marchi Summer Party

MARTINIS MARCHI SUMMER PARTY 2021 - Under the moonlight

This year was our big 10 in our event calendar!

For ten years in a row, we have been organizing our MARTINIS MARCHI SUMMER PARTY, a famous summer bash, always during the first weekend in August and always with a different interesting theme. 

Although every year is special and glamorous, this milestone deserved even more stardust...


Our festive weekend started already on Friday evening with special Gala Dinner – BUBBLES & SEA DELICACIES. After a bubbly welcome by the most famous champagne houses Krug, Moet, Encry, Taittinger, G.H.Mumm the dazzling five-course dinner was paired with a careful selection of Galić wines

Fresh Adriatic shrimps, tuna salad, shrimp carpaccio, Scallops ”St. Jacques” with celery cream, oysters, fresh fisherman soup, fresh wild Adriatic grilled fish, and lobster a'la buzara are just some of the dishes prepared by the diligent Martinis Marchi Restaurant team lead by the f&b manager Toni Miloš.


During the evening, we opened a special art exhibition from a talented academic artist from the island of Korčula – Nina Šestanović. 

More about the exhibition read HERE.

There is a reason SUNSEEKER owners sail from all parts of Europe to experience this magic Martinis evening.  This year's Under the Moonlight theme was aimed to transport attendees back into more glamourous times as eyes twinkled at the decor fashioned of glimmering lights. 

The day was packed with activities to choose from. 

It began with exploring the island on our electric bikes with our experienced guide Ivan!

Others enjoyed adrenaline water gadgets from MYYACHTTOYSlike LAMPUGA surfboards, BELASSI jet skis, and IAQUA Seadarts.

Or had an opportunity to enrol in the 2-hour art & wine date with academic painter Nina Šestanović and Šolta's famous painter Vice Buktenica. They both guided our guests through the basics of painting over a glass of wine in our shaded Mediterranean gardens.


As the evening approached, a DJ heightened the island mood, and pink Beefeater Gin huts decorated the Martinis Marchi marina to showcase cocktails enhanced by rosemary and elderflower, topped with perfectly pink flower petals to complete the swanky ambience. 


As the sizzling summer sun stepped back to let the moonlight shine, tables topped with bottles of Skaramuča lined the marina. For those of you that don't know, Skaramuča is one of the largest private Croatian winemakers and the owner of the largest vineyard in the Dingač area.

The Dance group fired up the atmosphere with their twists, turns, and thrilling jumps while a smartly dressed brass band traversed the marina, singing cappella tunes that had everyone's toes tapping.

But one of the most interesting highlights of the event, as always, is the sundown fashion show, which featured celebrity designer Matija Vuica, whose beautiful garments have been worn by Hollywood stars! 

Stunning silhouettes paraded down the illuminated waterfront promenade, applauded by many as the most beautiful runway in the world, wearing eye-catching headpieces styled by Viktor Drago.

Forty dresses were presented, each handmade unique, of the finest silk and details of lace, crystal, glitter, and reflective mirrors, representing forty years of Matija's artistic work, which skillfully connects the world of fairy tales, fashion, and magical stories inspired by Croatia's authentic cultural and ethnic heritage and Slavic mythology. The installations on the model heads, which defied gravity, were made from local island vegetation, and each was made to complement the dress. Vines, the roots of dried trees shaped into structures, pirate ships and wooden ships, and silk sails bravely sailed this unusual seaside runway accompanied by modern exclusive yachts in the audience. The indispensable agave, a synonym for storing drops of water, which means life on the island, also served as a detail in the part of the collection which serves the ancient Atlantis.

Once the fashion show came to a close, the party moved into the Martinis Marchi garden, but not before a chilled glass of Mumm champagne was poured into preparing the palate for the feast ahead. The already picturesque Mediterranean garden sparkled, with radiant lights overhead to imitate the essence of moonlight. Guests enjoyed the finest Croatian fare, coupled with crisp Skaramuča wines.

The evening entertainment did not disappoint, either, as Croatia's own Frank Sinatra Marko Tolja took the garden stage, singing the classics of yesteryear and Dalmatian hits to delight a crowd scattered on picnic-style blankets and cushy pillows. 

Under the starry sky, guests danced, sang, and imbibed in an ambient only Martinis Marchi could provide. 


Special applause goes to our sponsors and partners for helping us but, above all, our merry&diligent team for making this fairytale happen:

Hotel manager Tihana Mravak Sivić

F&B manager Toni Miloš

Marina Captain Frane Cecić Acosta

and our Event manager and organizator Marija Gamulin.


See you all next year in Maslinica!


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