Martinis Marchi Wine & Friends


Martinis Marchi opens the new season with a unique event and delights with its beauty, magical atmosphere, top wines, gastronomy and, above all, the emotion it gives to visitors and associates gathered at the all-day gathering "Wine & Friends".



In the beautiful ambience of our estate, eight years in a row, we organized a culinary and wine event; devoted to delicacies, selected wines, art and beauties of the untouched nature of the island of Solta.


A respectable list of partners who personally participated in this traditional event speaks of the great concept and success of the team of Martinis Marchi Restaurant. The team desires to create unique and authentic experiences, emotions that merge with the beauty of life, enjoying the moment and the beautiful nature surrounding the property. From this desire, the idea for this event was born interesting to all who want the somewhat hedonistic Mediterranean lifestyle and high gastronomy, regardless of which part of the world they come from.


Selected wine houses, partners and friends this year were:


Our local producers showcased their products representing the best of nature and Mediterranean cuisine, products we use daily in our restaurant:


In the afternoon, there was a presentation of wine with a selection of top cheeses, followed by a painting exhibition and workshop by the painter Lidija Jovanovic Marusic, where guests could try painting techniques and make an authentic memory of this exciting day. Others enjoyed the lush gardens of the castle, the scents of Mediterranean plants or carefree conversations and socializing overlooking the beautiful marina and nearby islands.

An exclusive six-course dinner rounded the event, this year prepared by the best young chef in 2022, according to Gault Millau Luxembourg, Paul Cabayé and his assistant Freddy Monier, with Martinis Marchi Restaurant team, led by our restaurant manager Toni Milos.



Paul's cooking direction ideally equals the vision of the Martinis Marchi restaurant, which insists on domestic, fresh and local products, with minimal food transport, to highlight the quality of food and dedicated work of small local producers, with the creativity of the chefs - as was pointed out by the host of the evening, procurator of the Martinis Marchi Hotel, Ivan Kuret.


Given that Martinis Marchi Restaurant is the winner of an essential award by Gault Millau Croatia, the one for Best Service in 2022, this ideal combination of the two award-winning teams is the best confirmation of how the domestic gastronomic scene faithfully follows the highest standards and offers of world fashion destinations.


Pairing food and wine with the sounds of the famous local tenor, Vlado Garić, this perfect evening is the best invitation not to miss the next gathering in this exceptional place.



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Welcome drink: Champagne G.H. Mumm Brut, Grand Cordon

Amuse Bouch: White Asparagus / Oxalis / Cucumber - Chef Paul Cabaye

Chateau Les Crostes Winery, Rose Cuvee 2021 - represented by Prince Felix of Luxembourg


Cold appetizer: mussels/lobster/mandarin/chilli - Chef Paul Cabaye

Litterarii Winery, Silvanac Zeleni 2020 - presented by Goran Hanžek


Warm appetizer: Homemade ravioli/duck/pheasant/cauliflower/truffle - Chef Karlo; Martinis Marchi Restaurant

Kabaj Winery, Corpus 2011 - presented by Jean-Michel Kabaj


Fish main course: trout/tarragon pdt / shiso and bay leaf soup - Chef Paul Cabaye

Winery Krajančić, Pošip Sur Lie 2020 - presented by Luka Krajančić


Meat main course: veal/shallots/carrots/mushrooms / red wine sauce - Chef Karlo; Martinis Marchi Restaurant

Marchesi Fumanelli Winery, Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Classico 2017 - presented by Armando Fumanelli


Dessert: kiwi/avocado/yuzu / Thai broth - Chef Paul Cabaye

Ilok Cellars Winery, Chardonnay Principovac 2018 - presented by Jadranko Vlahović


Italicus Spritz


In the end, we felt blessed to rejoice again in the simplicity and beauty of togetherness in this dreamy place where drinks and conversation flow and time are of no importance.


See you at our next Martinis Marchi Event!

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