Martinis Marchi Wine & Friends

Wine & Friends 2018

Opening on the new season in our Martinis Marchi heritage hotel in April started with a blast of good energy and entertainment as it was reserved for celebration of best wines, exquisite food and pure hedonism.  We organized a spectacular Wine tasting and Gala dinner event, accompanied by 3 Michelin-Star chef Roberto Cerea and his team from Da Vittorio restaurant along with some of the best wine producers coming from different European wine regions.


Kickoff was gathering in our Marina in the early afternoon, after which our wine cellar turned into a gorgeous celebration venue filled with best wine producers eager to share the secrets of their production. After a few hours of tasting and laughing, it was the perfect moment for chilling and exploring the mysteries of our heritage hotel, laying in Mediterranean gardens or to take a swim in our open pool…


Those who are more adventurous went for a discovery island tour where they got familiar with all nature wonders that this island is so special for, olive oil production, they learnt about beekeeping and honey farming and enjoyed in breathtaking scenery of new vineyard with autochthones sort of grapes from island Šolta.  Truly a fantastic day to create & share memories with friends!
And that was only the beginning of our journey, an introduction to grand finale of the day!

All foodies know that Michelin Dining is the crème de la crème of haute cuisine! The mark of true elegance and an indicator of quality visible even before plate leave the kitchen. Michelin stars represent some of the best food in the world and our aim was to offer our guests best possible experience for all senses, combining best experience in dining and drinking.


A six course dinner, prepared by our guest star chef Roberto Cerea with team from Da Vittorio, teamed with our chef Toni Miloš and Martinis Marchi team, were accompanied with chosen wines from our wine tasting partners!


Pictures say more than words so enjoy in them and see you on our next big event in August – Martinis Marchi Summer Party 2018!

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