Lemon Cake Recipe

Who doesn't love a Lemon Cake?

This irresistible & refreshing spring/summer dessert, with a unique taste, is ideal for refreshment and still not too sweet. Serve with a glass of fine Muscat!

Here is our recipe...

Ingredients - Walnut lining

250g walnut kernel

125g butter

30g sugar crystal

10g of vanilla sugar

Lemon ice cream (quantity as desired)


Mix larger ground nuts with softened butter and add plain and vanilla sugar. Make a mixture well.

Coat the round cake mould at the bottom with the mixture. Bake at 160 degrees for 10 minutes.

Cool the roasted lining.

Apply 1 cm thick lemon ice cream on a cooled surface (we recommend that the ice cream is slightly melted to make it easier to apply).

Put in the freezer to squeeze the ice cream.


Ingredients - Lemon Cream

200 g of lemon soda

1 lemon peel

250g eggs

250g of sugar

55g butter


Beat all the ingredients except the butter together to steam until thick.

When the cream is slightly cooled, add the butter (we recommend using a stick mixer in the butter mix).

Pour the cooled cream into the mould over the ice cream, and you'll get a new fine layer.

Put it back in the freezer.


Ingredients - Italian meringue:

100g of sugar

25g water

50g egg whites


Boil sugar and water (up to 118 degrees).

Gently mix egg whites beforehand. When the water reaches the temperature, pour slowly into the mixing egg whites along the edge of the wall.

Mix until you have a solid smooth meringue.

The resulting meringue is covered with lemon cream, also 0.5-1 cm high.

Return briefly to the freezer.



We recommend that you keep the cake in the freezer. When serving, darken the top layer with fire to release the beautiful aroma and get that rustic look.

Do not serve it in a hurry so that it does not melt.



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