The Island of Šolta is a true paradise for cyclists and biking is most definitely one of the best ways to soak in, and enjoy nature. Only in this special way you can truly feel one with nature while feeling strong and healthy in your body and mind. 

All visitors are welcome to rent our e-bikes in our marina and enjoy the idyllic Mediterranean landscape, where you will be rewarded with unforgettable views and welcoming locals.

The rental is easy - over the web: go2bike or over QR-code in the station or on the bike you register and get a PIN that unlocks the bike. The system will recognize you on return, so you just have to put it back on the station, and the bike will automatically lock.

Visit the website or contact our marina reception for additional information.

E-bikes combine the passion of biking with technological innovations, as it allows you to travel faster and further than on conventional bike. E-bikes can be ridden as a standard bike too, without the assistance of a motor, which allows you to decide with how much effort you exercise while being eco-friendly. 

There are many mapped roads around our magical island, and our guests can enjoy in the unguided tour or contact our marina or hotel reception for tailor-made guided tour, with or without a meal included.



After installing an e-charging station and e-bikes, we have expanded our e-mobility offer with an e-car for touristic and operational services.

Our goal is to improve our Marina's mobility services and offers, turning her into low-carbon or zero-emission, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient system. Offering a low or zero negative mobility alternative in our Marina, we are continuing our mission of implementing innovative technologies in support to marinas mobility enhancement and greening.


As an active partner in the European Interreg DEEP SEA project, Martinis Marchi, as a leader on the path towards sustainable nautical tourism on Adriatic, is offering an electrical charger for e-cars and e-boats in our Marina. Our guests can enquire about the charging at the marina or hotel reception. 

Our strong aim is to support, plan and implement sustainable mobility on our property, which includes expanding the offer of energy efficient mobility services to reply to the increasing demand for e-cars and e-boats.