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Sea, song, food and drink celebration

In the beautiful aquatorium of island Šolta, Martinis Marchi Sailing Challenge 2017 was held, bringing together all thoose who played very important role for this successful nautical season.

The association started with the arrival of the participants in marina, registration and slow warming with a snack and welcoming drink. The celebration at the sea started around 13 o'clock and the participants showed their eviable mariner characteristics and eviable desire to show that their team is the best team this year.

Team Marina Trogir was the first team that reached the goal with skipper Tudor Bilić as their team leader. Team Marina Trogir had been lead from the beginning of the competition and they kept their leading position till the end of the competition. Team Orvas Yachting this year was pariculary impressed by the fact that nine women were defending their colours and showed that woman is still not an accident on a boat.

After the special prizes were given, everyone enjoyed commemorative reception and traditional music from island Šolta that was played by famous canton of Kuparić and in such way the gathering was concluded.