The Imperial Tower of Karl VI


Step into opulence and refinement with our Imperial Tower of Karl VI Royal Suite, a haven of extravagance perched high above the Adriatic Sea. This exclusive suite offers an unparalleled experience, combining regal luxury with commanding views of the stunning coastal landscape.

This one of a kind air-conditioned suite comprises the two upper hotel floors of the tower with the total area of 100 m2 only for two persons. 

It has a luxury bedroom, spacious bathroom with a bathtub and a shower cabin and separate guest toilet. Fall in love with the unforgettable views of the Adriatic Sea and enjoy in the most beautiful sunset in the World. This luxurious retreat offers an idyllic setting for couples to celebrate the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

Area 100 m2
Bed double bed (200*200)
Bathroom 2
Location Tower - 3rd and 4th floor
View Sea and pool
  • Stunning views of the pool and sea side
  • Spacious bathroom with marble floors, bathtub and a shower cabin, separate guest toilet 
  • Custom linen, bedding and bathrobes
  • Flat screen with High Definition Television
  • Telephone and complimentary WiFi
  • Non smoking Suite


A heritage letter...

Karl VI. (1685 – 1740), Roman-German emperor (1711 – 1740), Hungarian-Croatian (Karl III) and Czech king (Karl II).

He is the last male descendant of the Habsburg dynasty, whom Ivan Petar Marchi was very fond of, because apart from being a Slavic ruler, he stood out in the battles against the Turks, who were our main enemies at the time.

Throughout his life, Ivan Petar had a burning desire to liberate the South Slavic peoples from the Turks, on which he spent a large part of his time and wealth.


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