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Nina Šestanović, born in Lumbarda on the island of Korčula, has a powerful, intuitive approach to creativity and reality. Her mixture of realism with abstraction comes to fruition through an exciting, vivid color and composition painting with acrylic paint. She successfully plays with positive feelings of childhood and happiness with every confident brush stroke. Her remarkable versatility is a tribute to sensitivity to her subjects and the island she comes from. 


"Having grown up on the small island of Korčula – which I depict - my motifs are typical and specific, and they occur spontaneously and instinctively. I feel that, in life as in art, what is shown is not so relevant, but how the reality around us is interpreted." - says Nina.

"When you're born in a place like this, it is something you need to put in whatever you do. This place (island) we live on is not just beautiful; it's something that runs through your vanes, something deep in your soul.


Her female expression images evoke a sense of self-love and respect to the imperfect body that is, in fact, in perfect synergy with nature. Her paintings embody a feeling of merriment and represent a tribute to our beautiful islands, nature, and connection to its miraculous energy and diversity.

After graduating from the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb, Croatia, Nina started working in theatre, working on scenography, and holding many workshops. After moving to New Zealand in 2012. she continued working on her series of Women in folklore costumes, now adding details from Maori folklore and traditional costumes. After returning to Croatia, she went back to where she started from, Korcula landscapes. 

Nina is the author of the two most famous motives from the Martinis Marchi property, which are printed on T-shirts and available for purchase in our Marina. These T-shirts are beautiful souvenirs from your favorite place on Earth!

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