How to make delicious sweet pancakes as in Martinis Marchi Restaurant

During this pandemic period, the Martinis Marchi wanted to give a little contribution to the "stay at home" campaign so we have voted which desserts we love and miss while the off-working period, so we selected 5 favourites - delicious but simple recipes - for tasty desserts to keep us entertained while preparing and happy while eating them at home.

Join us on this tasty journey.

Let’s start with one all-time classic – Sweet Pancakes for a healthy and colourful breakfast, after lunch dessert or evening snack.  Make every day your special day!heart

The recipe is below, so let us know what you think and feel free to send some photos on our Facebook page of how you made them!



Pancakes - Ingredients:

  • 3 eggs
  • Milk 500g
  • Flour 250g
  • Butter 25g
  • salt & sugar, pinch


  1. Mix whole eggs with salt & sugar and slowly add milk & rum
  2. Add flour and mix until the texture is smooth
  3. Add butter (room temperature) and mix all together
  4. Leave it for 30 minutes
  5. Before baking, add warm milk if needed


Mascarpone mousse - Ingredients:

  • Four egg yolks
  • Powder sugar 100g
  • Mascarpone cheese500g
  • 2 gelatin leaves
  • Sweet cream 250g
  • Vanilla aroma/almond liqueur


  1. Gelatin soak in water
  2. Yolks and powdered sugar mix on steam until they reach the consistency
  3. Cool for a few minutes, add gelatin and mix with hand
  4. Make sweet cream in a separate bowl
  5. In egg mixture, gradually add Mascarpone
  6. Slowly add sweet cream to the mixture
  7. Add Vanilla aroma or almond liqueur
  8. Cool down


Fill every pancake with the prepared Mascarpone mousse and add a bit of marble syrop! Décor the pancakes with some fresh fruit, mint or powdered sugar & enjoy!

From Martinis Marchi with LOVE! smiley


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