Martinis Marchi Sailing Challenge

Martinis Marchi Sailing Challenge 2023

Our award-winning marina traditionally & uniquely announced the end of one more great season with an attractive event, the Martinis Marchi Sailing Challenge, and thanked our friends, partners, locals & employees, who are the main reason we are successful and growing year after year. The day was filled with a sport sailing competition, a worthy eco-cleaning action of Maslinica seabed and the exciting exhibition "Underwater Heritage of the Island of Šolta", prepared with help from the Touristic Board of the Island of Šolta. 


Every year at the end of a season, Martinis Marchi gathers numerous representatives of charter companies, marinas, partners, divers, and sea lovers,  together with the main representatives from the Island, Touristic Board of Šolta and locals, to thank all for their excellent cooperation during the touristic season.


The day began with a gathering at the Martinis Marchi Restaurant, where the hosts welcomed all guests with breakfast and, together with representatives from the Island, TZ of the Island of Šolta and locals, opened an interesting exhibition, "The Underwater Heritage of the Island of Šolta" showcasing 8 exciting underwater archaeological sites with the aim to educate and encourage the further development of archaeological and diving tourism on the Island. 

This was also an excellent opportunity to thank our long-term partners - Trogir Diving Center who every year at the beginning and end of a season, together with the help from the locals, PŠRD Maslinica, Komunalno Basilija and locals, diligently clean the seabed of Maslinica Bay. This year, they were reinforced with two divers from Germany who accepted the invitation to come for this eco action, and altogether, 15 divers after the action took the opportunity and stressed the importance of warning the guests & being aware of the plastic pollution in the Adriatic which is growing every year.


Although this Sailing Challenge is not a real competition, the competitive spirit was, as always, on a high level!

The competitors, 11 in total - Adria Sail Charter, Adriatic SailingAstrea YachtingBan Tours YachtingInternational Charter ExpoNautika Kufner, Orvas YachtingSail Club Croatia, The Moorings Agana BaseSun Sail Agana BaseFour Season Yachting, along with accompanying boats with partners Nava,Azimuthio Adriatic, Žic, Meterize servis, Yellow Nautika, our employees and always attractive Gajeta Ile, enjoyed in an exciting route around the islets in front of Maslinica, in total length around 7NM. Although the wind was mild, the crews had a great 2-hour sailing adventure, and this year, the fastest team was from Adriatic Sailing!


After the challenge, it was time for awards, and we at Martinis Marchi take this task seriously! We award the fastest crews and those who party best, sing or have the most female members. The award ceremony ended with our loved Martinis Marchi lottery, where all participants could win the night at our Castle, dinner at the Restaurant or berth at the Marina.


After the excellent food, the evening was welcomed with the local bend Sotto Voce  & DJ Dado, who ensure we are already counting the days until the next adventure at Martinis Marchi!



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