Martini Marchi Summer Party


Over the weekend of the 4th (Friday) and 5th (Saturday) of August 2017, Martinis-Marchi hosted the famous annual summer party called Ancient Rome party.

Friday was a relaxed affair, but with plenty of entertainment and luxury offered through the representation of BMW iPerformance series and Seabob luxury sea toy. Following on with the luxury, the Split Old-Timers had their beautiful vintage cars on display. The night then moved into a casual BBQ in the Martinis garden oasis.

As well as Friday, Saturday started with BMW vehicles and Seabob rides and continued to an art exhibition „Towards a Renaissance“ by well-known Brač artist Jakšić-Čokrić, or better known as Puko.

Marina was full of various „stalls“ from blacksmiths and potters to basket rides for children. It was quite an ironic scene – seeing everyone dressed in togas, stepping off their luxury yachts, mostly Sunseeker yachts because Sunseeker was our main partner for this event.

There was a display by Croatia Sothebys International Realty too, the leading agency for luxury properties in Croatia.

The main performance began at 8 pm in the Amphiteatre, opened by Ceasar and continued by the performance of a local artist. Gladiators battled slaves, the winner appealing to the crowd for whether to make the final victory blow. There were „slave girls“, fire dancers, belly dancers and acrobats.

After that, all guests moved to the Castle gardens for a „Lucullan Feast“ passing by gorgeous displays by Malalan Jewellery and Rolex.  Garden air was filled with the relaxing notes of a harp and flute, and there were blankets and pillows laid out on the lush grass area. The tables were laid with a banquet fit for a king and champagne, and wine flowed endlessly.

More surprises awaited on the poolside, so people proceeded there. The harps were replaced by a DJ to lift the energy, and there were various drinks and cocktail stations. Marko Bilić from the cigar club Mareva was lighting cigars for everyone interested.

Fashion show from gorgeous Croatian designer Anamarija Asanović made the people feel like they are at the Paris fashion week. The Baroness Christiane Freiin von Kentzingen paid the ultimate compliment to designer Anamarija Asanović by immediately purchasing all of the designer's dresses.

The surprises didn't stop there, an international star, the singer from the United States Marc Terenzi got up to do an impromptu performance.

Great atmosphere and music kept everyone on the dance floor till the early morning hours, and it was the end of this beautiful event.

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