Private and guided speedboat tour

If you decide to explore the natural wonders by our Sunseeker Superhawk 50 yacht, you shall have a special and unique experience of the Adriatic. This high-class luxury yacht comprises a spacious cabin, two sundecks, and can reach up to 50 knots thanks to the full support provided by our professional crew. 

The yacht is called ‘’Martinis Marchi I’, can achieve 50 knots with three Yanmar engines (3 x 309 kW)’, and is ready to take you anywhere you wish to travel – whether it is the coast exploration, a trip to the nearby islands, a visit to the cities of Trogir, Split or Split Airport.

You will be mesmerized by clear turquoise waters and sunburnt aromatic herbs fragrances found in the secluded and wild private coves in the vicinity of the hotel, a picturesque bay of Maslinica and the hidden beauties of the nearby islands of Hvar, Brač, Vis and Šolta which today can only be discovered by the local people. It is highly recommendable to explore them by boat following the invaluable pieces of advice provided by our highly professional staff always at your service. The tours can include diving, snorkeling, swimming, food & drinks or just sightseeing.

If you desire to see the Adriatic in high style and at your pace, you need to look no further!

Discover Šolta

Virgin nature, untouched by humans and a historical heritage of the Island of Šolta and the nearby islands take you to some simpler and richer past times. By discovering the Island of Šolta, you shall also explore the landscapes of your own inner peace – let us be your guides!

Island experience tour

Martinis Marchi maintains and cherishes friendships with the local producers which provide us with their supreme local ingredients. Let us take you to a visit to the local producers where you can discover how a high quality olive oil is made, try delicious homemade honey whose exquisite taste has been well-known even since the ancient times, or visit the picturesque vineyards where the future homemade wine bottles come from.  

This 2 – 4 hour tour includes:

- a visit to the farming estate Kaštelan and its oil refinery Olynthia where you can taste high-quality local olive oil sorts,
- a visit to the farming estate Tvrdić where delicious and good quality honey has been produced continually for three generations, and where you can find numerous information related to honey production, 
- a jeep ride to the picturesque vineyard Kalebić where you can taste local wines produced by the winemakers Burica and Purtić,
- a visit to the artwork studio of Vicko Buktenica, or an island tour, at your request,
- meal, lunch or dinner, are prepared upon your preferences. 

Active living

The Island of Šolta is a true paradise for cyclists. If you prefer an active lifestyle, cycling is the best way to discover the hidden island gems. We offer two types of the island sightseeing tours – unguided and guided e-bike tours

Guided tour:

- tour planning service 
- private guide
- island attractions visit
- refreshment or lunch 

For more information contact our hotel reception and visit the web... 


Sports activities

If you seek a more active holiday or you simply prefer to start your day with exercise, Martinis Marchi gives you the opportunity to prepare for a new day in a calming and beautiful Mediterranean nature by practising yoga in the marina or doing classical workout exercises every morning.

Find the centre of your inner peace and balance by listening to the serene sounds of the Adriatic, gazing at the crystal blue waters, smelling the salty and sunny breeze, and feeling the warm sun on your skin while proceeding with guided and adjusted workout routines which both invigorate and energize your body and spirit.

For the daily schedule of sport activities during your stay, please contact our reception or marina staff.