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Our priority is to continue offering excellent services to all of you, our dear guests, whilst guaranteeing your health and wellbeing, as well as that of our team. In compliance with the recommended procedures and protocols issued by the Croatian National Institute of Public Health and the recommendations of the World Health Organization, we have implemented enhanced health and safety measures that will guarantee that our guests feel relaxed and comfortable in a safe environment.


We are participating in the Stay Safe in Croatia project, which guarantees compliance with the current health and safety recommendations and their implementation.

If you have any additional questions or would like to know more about our procedures for the Hotel, Restaurant and Marina, please contact us at info@martinis-marchi.com



[DAILY REPORT] The latest number of confirmed cases of infection in Croatia:  https://www.croatiacovid19.info

[TEST INFO] To increase the level of safety and ensure that your holiday is as carefree as possible, we can organize testing for all of our guests who stay at our facility and for whom it is required to return to their country of residence. Sample taking is performed at the partner polyclinic ANALIZA in Split. 

We follow guidelines and recommendations of local authorities: https://croatia.hr/en-GB/coronavirus-2019-ncov-q-and-a


  • Regular handwashing with soap and water or using an alcohol-based disinfectant.
  • When coughing and sneezing, mouth and nose are covered with an elbow or a later discarded tissue, and hands are washed.
  • Avoidance of touching face, mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Avoidance of close contact with unwell people or have symptoms such as high temperature, coughing and/or breathing difficulties.
  • Avoidance of handshakes or close physical contact; maintaining social distancing.
  • Mandatory use of protective gloves for the staff serving food and working in maintenance.
  • Tracking staff body temperature using a contactless thermometer every day upon their arrival at work. Records are kept on body temperature measurements to ensure employees' health and safety at all times.
  • Employees who do not feel well should stay at home, contact their doctor and avoid going to a healthcare facility unless advised by their doctor.


Below you can find all of the information about the current measures we have implemented in our facilities, as well as useful information regarding your arrival and stay.

To make your travel planning easier, we now offer flexible booking and cancellation conditions.


Reception desk of the hotel & marina

  • Availability of detailed information for guests on measures implemented to combat COVID-19.
  • Social distancing in the area surrounding the reception desk.
  • Protective masks are mandatory in open spaces if the distance is less than 1.5 m 
  • Availability of protective masks, gloves and disinfectant on request.
  • Availability of hand disinfectant at the entrance to the property and the reception desk or lobby.
  • Option of announcing your checkout from the hotel in advance for the staff to prepare your invoice and reduce the time spent at the reception desk.



  • Implementation of a new cleaning plan which includes disinfection of all surfaces and areas. 
  • Availability of information to the guests on new cleaning procedures and bed linen changes. 
  • More frequent washing and disinfecting of bed linen and towels – on request.
  • Room cleaning, bed linen and towel change only on guest’s request after arrival at the hotel. 
  • Cleaning staff wear gloves and masks.
  • During room cleaning, windows and doors are open to increase air circulation and ensure proper ventilation of the room.
  • After filling, the minibar is labelled with a protective sticker or filled only on the guest’s request. The minibar can be refilled by calling the reception desk.
  • Special attention is given to disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in the accommodation unit (furniture, minibar, light switches, telephone, hairdryer, safe, knobs, remote control, taps, pushbuttons, hangers, etc.).
  • Availability of hand disinfectant in different locations and areas of the property, including toilets used by guests and staff and other relevant spaces.
  • Availability of instructions on proper handwashing in public toilets.
  • Availability of cleaning schedule in public toilets.


Restaurant and bar

  • Availability of hand disinfectants at entrances to restaurant and bar.
  • Protective face masks are mandatory indoor places. 
  • Tables and chairs in our open and closed places are places according to the current measures. 
  • Table arrangement that facilitates social distancing between guests.
  • Employees are trained to follow safety and hygiene standards while preparing food and serving guests.
  • Staff follows good practices in maintaining personal hygiene (frequent hand washing, following hygiene regulations while coughing).
  • Buffet service is carried out with food served by staff; self-service is not permitted.
  • Tables, menus and price lists, and all other items on the table, are disinfected, and the table setting is replaced after every guest.



Rules on border crossing:

To cross the border easier and faster, we recommend sending your data in advance using the website enter Croatia.mup.hr.

That way, you can avoid spending additional time at the border crossing since the border police will already have your data in the system.

On the European Commission website 'Re-open EU', you can find information on travelling within the borders of the European Union, the situation on border crossings and all of the available transport and tourist services in the member states of the European Union.

Frequently asked questions:

Please check the page https://croatia.hr/en-GB/coronavirus-2019-ncov-q-and-a


Welcome to MARTINIS MARCHI hotel, restaurant and marina!

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