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The perfect Valentine's Day gift!

Well, we can agree that Valentine's Day can sometimes be a challenge. You want to be original, but also memorable.

You need a gift that's classy, but fun, thoughtful, but not too overwhelming.


How about making it tasty and thoughtful, and at the same time expend it on your favourite season?! 

Have a look at this easy but delicious recipe below and combine it with our Special February Offer for romantic escape during the season and You have the perfect Valentine's Day gift!



Marble cake with chocolate ganache

In 1889, a recipe for Marble cake appeared in a popular cookbook that took advantage of American's obsession with chocolate and replaced the molasses with chocolate. Thus, the famous marble cake that we know about today was born and spread around the world.

Here is a recipe from Martinis Marchi Restaurant:



  200g butter

  370g sugar

  120 g egg (2 eggs)

  A pinch of salt

  280g sweet top

  1 baking powder

  320g flour

  + 30g cocoa

Leave the butter at room temperature. Whisk the softened butter with the sugar. Then gradually add eggs, flour mixed with baking powder and salt, and sweet cream. Separate part of the mixture and add cocoa. Your choice alternately stacks the mixture's black and white part to get the finished cake's marble effect in the mould of your choice. Bake at 150 degrees C, 40-45 minutes.


  Topping syrup:

  50g of sugar

  120g of water

  15g of rum

Heat all the ingredients until the sugar dissolves. Pierce the cooled marble biscuit with a wooden stick and pour over the warm syrup to be evenly absorbed into the cake.


  Dark chocolate ganache:

  80g dark chocolate

  120g sweet top

 Spoon honey

 A pinch of salt


Heat the sweet cream to a degree of heat to flow but not cook. Chop the chocolate and put it in a bowl together with the salt, and pour over the hot sweet top. Leave for 1-2 minutes for the cream to melt the chocolate then change to get a shiny ganache. Cover the ganache on the surface with plastic wrap and cool to room temperature, then transfer it to the refrigerator until it compresses.


Coat the marble cake evenly with ganache and decorated with toasted hazelnuts, almonds or as desired.

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