A few times during the year, with our friends from trogir diving center,  we organize the cleansing of the beach and the seabed in our marina.

The waste thrown into the sea has become a major problem also for Adriatic, an almost closed sea which concentrates on its coasts a very high density of population. Not only this waste is a direct threat to marine species (death by ingestion or entanglement, contamination) but it is also a very serious threat to human health. A large population is in contact with a polluted environment and consumes contaminated marine resources. Nano-plastics play an important part in this contamination and it is important to reduce or stop the use of single-use plastic products (bag, packaging, straw, cups, bottles).

Whan can we do:

  •  Waste collection

At the beginning of each season, with the help of divers and our employees, we organize beach cleaning and underwater cleanings of the bay. 

  •  Reduction in the use of plastic

Our long-term goal is to generate Zero plastic waste but now we can carefully collect all plastic waste we use in appropriate bags and dispose of it in appropriate containers in our MARINA. 

  • Raise awareness on single-use plastic and waste problem

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