Martinis Marchi Sailing Challenge

Martinis Marchi Sailing Challenge 2018

We have closed one more great summer season so we invited our dear partners and friends to get together

and celebrate with us our summer closing on - Martinis Marchi Sailing Challenge 2018.

This was one of the best seasons for us.

We celebrated our first 10 years, organized some of the best events from the opening and brought in our little family

bunch of new friends and relatives who have visited us this year!

We have worked hard, had a lot of fun but also always pushed ourselves to be better in every aspect and for every guest

in our Heritage hotel, Restaurant and Marina!


But we were not alone on that path.

That is why on our last day we are saying thanks to all our partners for being with us through the whole season and

is there a better way but to organize a bit of sailing, put some delicious food and drinks on the table and good music

for dancing in our Restaurant!

Until the next season, may the force be with you!


Yours, Martinis Marchi team!

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