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Lidija Jovanović Marušić @Martinis Marchi

During the WINE&FRIENDS 2022 EVENT, we hosted talented and sensual painter from Split, Lidija Jovanović Marušić.

Her paintings perfectly blended with our castle while her strong but at the same time, refined and sensual artistic expresion enchanted the guests.

After her solo art exibition, she held a Painting workshop in our gardens, where our guests became a painters, at least for a day.

Lidija was born in Split, where she lives and works. She is actively painting for ten years. Eager to
learn more, from 2018. to this day, she approaches painting intensively. At the ACCADEMIA D’ARTE
in Florence, under the mentorship of top Florentine painters, she develops knowledge in drawing,
anatomy, perspective and painting techniques.

Her artistic value and dedication to her work have been recognized by many associations with which she has been cooperating successfully for many
years. She is a participant in numerous painting meetings and group exhibitions.

From the very beginning, she was fond of figurative painting. With her sensual realism, she pays
homage to the builders, initiators, and caregivers of the entire human race from its inception —
female hands.

They offer us refreshment, intertwine, support each other, and point us to what we
sometimes forget in life, adversities and upheavals; that sometimes we need to stop and enjoy the
simple beauties of little things and the people dear to us that we too often take for granted.

With her refined, accessible and warm depictions, the author introduces observers to a world where
sensibility overcomes every problem, every doubt and adversity, thus emphasizing the strength of
her artistic expression, almost paradoxically being as gentle as possible.

In those expressions hides the true strength of her hands, hands of a woman, of a female painter.

Lydia painterly forms her manuscript with line, shape, color, texture and perspective.

Her hands are realistically depicted in volume and artistry expressed with deep emotion. 




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